Togetherness, separateness, spontaneity, predictability, and more...

In your eyes, I am complete.    -Peter Gabriel

The ebb and flow of connection and conflict in relationships is hard for many of us to navigate.  How do we resolve our differences without escalating or withdrawing? What do we do if we have hit a wall or experience a breach in trust?  

My first step in couple therapy is to provide a safe space for you both to slow down & de-escalate.  I will help you communicate together, so that each of you feel heard and understood.  From there, we will collaboratively identify the emotional needs underlying the negative interactions.  When you discover & understand the true nature of a conflict pattern, there is an ability to accept & find your way.  I will be your experienced guide on the trail, keeping the work accessible & safe, so that new ways of being together are co-created... so that you experience fresh relief, clarity and success.  

It may be good for you to know that couple therapy is a specialty, and choosing a licensed marriage & family therapist with specific expertise in the science of couple therapy is important.  I am an Emotionally Focused Therapist, which means I have invested in years of advanced training (EFT Externship, Core Skills, consultation groups, workshops, supervision) in Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples,