"I appreciate the remarkable way Lisa works, attending to many different levels at once, facilitating our connection with ourselves, each other, our external situations, and our internal sensing.  She is so skilled and so human and real, and we are so grateful for the multitude of ways she helps us to grow."  - Laura & Peter M.

"I cannot tell you how thankful I am for Lisa and the work she does. The first session I was able to open up and immediately feel connected and comfortable. Lisa listens to her clients and allows them space to really process what they are going through. She ensures that she is walking alongside them rather than forcing them down a certain path. I have felt supported and encouraged by Lisa as well as challenged to reevaluate some of my misconceptions. As someone who suffers from chronic pain it is important to have a counselor who is able to do both of these things well." - Kim C.

Thank you very much to these clients who have allowed me to share their unsolicited views about their therapeutic experience.